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About armored powerful machines called tanks a lot to say.After all, they all - this fate and life.But for some reason, the authorities consider this not turn.T-34 - the "winner", his so-called founders of the broken country, had not the slightest chance against Tiger as a German tank was equipped with a 3 times more long-range guns and belonged to a completely different class of machine - heavy tanks, so had thick armor .In the heat of the battle the Soviet tankers had only one hope, but to realize it had a lot of matches.These agile tanks, games were difficult because of their life depended crew.It was necessary to avoid getting Tiger, overcoming differences in firing range, then try to get around the side of a giant and just get to the point necessary to cause a fire or explosion of tank combat pack.In a direct shot at Tiger armor had little damage, but his shot back guarantee death of the entire crew in the 34th.All this can be read in many memoirs of survivors of tankers, in the documents that describe each machine.Game designers have provided the players feel this confrontation in their own skin.Online games tanks accurately show the real balance of forces in combat.Although they involve prototypes and apply never left the project office tanks, players are given the opportunity to visit this T-34, when he is attacked Tiger, or on the contrary to be in the wheelhouse clumsy heavy Tiger, trying to aim at spinning around 34 ku.It's fun and recklessly.But however for those who have lost relatives in the war - sad.Why?Try for once to play and understand.If you're not interested in such simulations, but the tanks of interest to you - there are a variety of online games tanks with completely different stories.At this time, there are a huge number of sites that allow you to play for free tanks.With this you can choose the game you like, where'll manage one tank or an entire company.It all depends on your desire.As always, the games can be played for free tanks in two modes: online or download the game to your computer.Both of these options have their fans.Any games online free tanks are very exciting, so you know it, the game will spend most of the evening or overnight.Of course, are quite rare and paid versions of games that after a certain period of time stop your game and are asked to list a certain amount for its continuation.

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