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The greatest horror of post-Soviet conservative parents 90's were, of course, western cartoons.Unusual about American animation they knew only of state propaganda.Saying that she depraved to the extreme, full of blood, sex and violence.And, of course, specifically created to clean corrupt our children, instilling in them the values ​​already in the wrong embryo distorting the image of the builder of communism.Can you imagine the horror of mothers and fathers who loves cartoons child when this "moral plague" gushed the screens of our television sets.Blindfolded!Rather save!Dragged away from the TV!Around their children's right to look not-Soviet cartoons sometimes flared real family war.The main argument for the parents is a cartoon series Tom and Jerry."In the cartoon promotes cruelty!Mouse always has a cat in a trap or pinch its tail, throws it against the wall making fun of him, hurts "- with great horror, they commented on the child's wish to watch this cartoon.In this case, looking at only a few episodes of the "sadistic" era, they could not hold back a laugh at the sight of cartoon gags.Some nahohotavshis yourself plenty of opposition to the ridiculous cat and mouse Jerry volumes finally understood that this was just a fun and hilarious animation.A sanctimonious moralists and further went on to state the preaching of violence.Although a straight face view at least one episode of the cartoon, it is also not possible.Back in 2005 was the last shot of the cartoon which murine epic.However, her character was expecting a long life in the wonderful world of computer games.Popular Games Tom and Jerry game certainly encourages primarily fans of the cartoon.In modern children totally different cartoon preferences and, consequently, other favorite heroes and characters.For them, online games, Tom and Jerry do not particularly attractive.Of course, if this is not your favorite game genres - shooter or platformer.After completely move on the game screen and a huge amount of staging tricks series is impossible.And among the large variety of new cartoons are lost.They are no longer even in the first issues of violence.For example, it is hard to imagine in what horror would lead parents were opposed to Tom and Jerry at least one of the popular cartoon series "happy three frendz."However, Tom and Jerry games online, also have their fans.Play Tom and Jerry can be a number of sites where these games are located in a special section.

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