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Transformers - modern religious characters entertainment.This intelligent machines transofrmiruyuschiesya in equipment, vehicles, people, animals and other objects.Immediately they were just a series of toys., Had some comic books and animated TV series.Have been filmed dedicated to the heroes.And of course there were, and computer games.First toys appeared in the early 80's of the 20th century and for its great history have come a long way.If you believe many TV series, comic books, games, and books transformers are able to live forever.They are immortal and can not die a natural death.However, they can be killed or injured.Their home planet - Kiberton.It is located in a remote star system Alpha Centauri.Which is much smaller than the size of the Earth.However, some of them flew to our planet.As the action takes place in various other celestial bodies.On Titan, the moon, on a large number of fictional planets.And in a completely different star systems.Naturally, the entertainment world of computing has not remained aloof from these popular characters.A huge number of games on Transformer.Game Transformers (robots there main characters) is very popular and is available on many websites.So if you want you can always find the Transformers online games for free.When developers see as they are popular, just released Transformers 2, this game series is not less interesting than the first series.Therefore, many users have begun to gain search engine query "Transformers Game 2."And before them there is plenty of sites where there were games Transformers 2, online game that can be completely free.As might be expected, on the wave of success there and play Transformers 3.Although, there is the view that as the online game Transformers 2 are the most interesting.A certain part of the game itself is an arcade.Where you can always choose who you'll play.For the Decepticons, the Autobots or someone.Job and the plot while being changed.Each transformer has its own unique characteristics and abilities.Some games online transformers very little to do with this cartoon series.They actually use only all clear names.However, these games are a huge success.Therefore, you can play the transformers in different ways.Any game site has a collection of game transformers, which are assembled in one section.It is specifically made for your convenience.You just need to choose a favorite site and start playing.

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