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At this time, become more acute disputes between women and patriarchal feminists.The fact that conventional games that are labeled "for girls" his aim was only one - the formation of a child's mind a single model, which means the birth of children, farming and obedience to her husband.Who in the world is the necessary conditions, when the man could not help his wife earn a living for his family's money.In consequence of the contradictions of reality and patriarchal there are not very pleasant deviation of female behavior.In this regard, there is often the question of whether the game needed care for babies child at the time.Of course, from the point of view of parents who have several children, the answer is - yes.Because they allow them to transfer responsibilities for the upbringing of the child oldest.But this raises another question - whether it is fair to the older child.Well, it depends.It all depends on the child, because some girls regular books do more good than playing childcare.In this case, and the choice of a child directly into account is not taken.It is possible that the girl will not want to play in the kitchen and dress simulators, and in Fallout and stalker.Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, no matter what the instructions baffled psychologists.A variety of games that show women are usually the mother weekdays, can be useful to any child, but it all depends on age.For example, the child may no problem to play in these games, because it has already been established.These games just help the child to feel some responsibility for others and, accordingly, to take on some worries.On the other hand, it can cripple the psyche of a child who is not in school, program it and you shall be my mother, it will be very difficult to be hell, but will be happy.The child may be disappointed in childbirth, as an abstract concept of happiness, and the problems - real.Therefore, kids games for girls are quite dangerous weapon kind of psychological abuse.This is especially true for games that much romance.Child in any case bring a lot of problems, and if the entire show bright prospects of the mother, throwing out the most difficult moments of the story, there may be a certain version of the unconscious mother.What worsens the social structure of the country, and for the benefit of the mother herself would not do.So better to self-assess the game, and then just let them play for your child.

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