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If you want to do something attractive - enter it in the format of the game.Who likes to dig potatoes, fertilize the garden and dig up the earth?Especially if it should be done every day, because plants wilt rapidly.In reality, it would be a kind of agricultural servitude, which has a sadistic bent.But in the virtual space to do it all - a pleasure.Confirming the number of fans of the game online farm.Statistics search on the keyword "games online for free farm" looks very impressive.All other online games, the farm "does" very dashing.This, essentially, is it a phenomenon.Since there are far more interesting and exciting economic policies of various subjects.But the audience would like to plant vegetables and cereals.Also in section games for girls, the farm can sometimes be present.The farm has long been a household name and refers to a particular species - Simulation of the farm, containing economic elements.All the games on the farm can play on many websites for free.Probably many users have an account on this game?However, the primacy of the fans clearly hold office workers.Since this format of the game is just perfect for them.Frame work involuntarily forced to sit at a PC.In this work there is not always the case.The free time of a single employee and depends on the development and well-groomed farm.Well, or the amount of money that he has invested in its own account.Of course, if you are going to play in the farm, it is worth remembering that a major role in the game is the financial component.Without a certain amount, for example, can protect the area from stealing other farmers.Buying a function lets you quickly watered, dig and grow plants.Also advise players to fork out for the magic shovel, watchdog, wonderful fertilizer, seeds of unusual plants expensive, glamorous fences and benches to decorate the site.Sometimes they can be bought for an astronomical sum of virtual money.However, most often only used real money.Therefore in different farms descend pocket money students.Of course, this is not their parents know.It is unlikely that the father will be delighted if the power instead of a week at the school, the son will buy more virtual plants.Fortunately, the popular phrase "farm to play online for free" - is not only a dream game fans, however, and the reality.On many sites, you can play online in the farm, while you do not need to spend money on the various functions and special features.Play online in the farm can also be from any mobile device with Internet access.

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