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Football - a game that won millions of hearts and souls.This rather simple form of entertainment, is one of the lucrative sports, has many paradoxes.Despite the huge sums, spinning in the world of the game, despite a huge number of fans all over the world, regardless of the number of official organizations that live off the football, the rules take zhalkih70 pages.Certain sports fans football games do not notice.Ultras are not interesting in their matches, they come to the stadium with a completely different purpose.But persistent obscene insults opponent around the stadium, terrible fights are a part of the football fan.The rules for football games, to play in a fairly bloody "Fighting" in reality, they did not interfere.And do not interfere as heavy fines for hooliganism football clubs and various other activities fans.But this is a completely separate world.For the main supporters of football - is all the same game.Not only in the special field covered with grass and a ball.Now trying to play football online for free, too, has plenty., Surprisingly, all the data people are closely monitoring the developments in the real football.Games, where the old trains have not been updated for a long time, please stop users.But there is another category of users.They watch football only at the international level, just rooting for the honor of their country.And no matter what the trains players to play football for free online.The main point here - "football" and "free."They do not have to play even in the classic football.You can play any game where you need to hammer down the ball into the goal.For them, there are lots of free online games football, greatly extending the scope of football.Playing only their heads, the game where you can score a corner.A game where the total Ronaldo should not give to eat hamburgers, or help jump footballer deep holes on the field.And this is not the whole list of games that have been able to come up with a fantasy developers.In this case, there is no difference which of the games the user chooses, most importantly, online football games are very popular.This is a brand that always helps to find a buyer.And do not think that this is just an empty fad.A serious approach to the knowledge of the game for boys, football is able to make a trade.Many sites are football flash games that allow you to compete not only with the computer opponents, however, and with a friend, sitting beside him.Therefore football online for free are very popular among various users.

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