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Subject American superhero known around the world.Entire cohort data supernatural beings know only fans.However, a particularly vivid personality known to all.Perhaps the most controversial of the most famous characters, of course, is the Hulk.This green husky in itself contains an unprecedented tragedy personality.Also, it is - the image of the confrontation of man with own natural, genetically laid down, wishes.After all, aggression - is the basic phenomenon of human nature.The film, which we showed was clearly a bad version of the famous stories known in the U.S. comics.To be frank, the Hulk was a failure, the director was not able to show in the film the whole tragedy of the superhero.However, the gaming industry is to spit on the identity of the hero.That his image has many opportunities to come up with this blockbuster.Indeed, for any game, the Hulk is interesting, of course, the desire to destroy and destroy.He helped developers create incredible fighters, clearly orient them to the wishes of the public.For example, a scene from the film, in which the Hulk throws a jump helicopter, like-minded audience.And the game industry has decided to use this time to your advantage.Hulk was so krushiloy.Punch, smash, Destry - words that surround the name of the hero in the names of different games, where he is involved.In the view of game makers Hulk game turns into a slaughter, in the main part of them should destroy buildings, smashing vehicles and shoot down helicopters.They focus is always on what needs to be smashing - houses, towns and other places of civilization.Hulk story only vaguely interested in all - not in a clip.This is not surprising, as to make an interesting game, to think carefully plot combine genres - all of this requires resources and intelligence.A fully free games all should be simple.Maybe it's for the best.Since not all games have to be made smart and sophisticated.Flashes traditionally exciting and easy directly because it does not require special skills and any specific skills - clank-clank all.This is a kind of relaxation oscillators, whose main purpose - to help people of intellectual work to relax the brain and relax and not think about work.On many sites, there is a lot of games on this superhero.You can also play in the Hulk as usual, it is necessary to download your favorite game on your computer and then install.But online mode has more fans, because it allows to play in any location where there is Internet connectivity.

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