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Today's kids have a huge selection of idols.This living on the sea floor in interesting sponge square pants, and those who combat underage ninja techniques, and beautiful fairy in a glamorous dress.But their parents can only boast that in his childhood fanatel from two mice, chipmunks and two green flies.Yes, yes, it was a team of rescuers.Probably everyone remembers the song that played at the beginning of the cartoon?Most likely, Chip and Dale were not the most popular and cool Disney animated series.However, they, together with duck stories were the first of serial cartoons, seen by us.As it turned out, their love and now.In a popular blogging community that this classic cult divine Gadget, people in many forums on the chip and Dale detail remember the story lines, describe the nature of the characters, write fanfiction and draw fanart of your favorite heroes.Heroes are iconic characters of completely self-sufficient as adults.In this online game Chip and Dale are very popular on the Internet.And, as usually happens in such cases, it happens it is through these characters.In some of the games played by the genre, the other - because of the rendering quality of the characters and dynamic, fascinating story.In the Chip and Dale play directly from favorite characters.Developers managed to perfectly fit team of rescuers in almost all the game genres.Platformers are great for fast burunduchih jumps.Typically, in these, the main character is Dale - he is more jumpy and foolish.But the chip appears frequently in search of items and quests.After all, he has an analytical mind, he also a fan of Sherlock Holmes.Excellent candidate for games where you need something to investigate.Gadget is often present in the race - both on a variety of machines, as well as the popular plane rescuers.As the only female character, is a model in the dress.In which sometimes do not mind playing and many men.After Gadget knowingly carries the title of the sexiest cartoon beauties.Large Rocky perfect mouse for different fighting games.A fly Whack - universal character.It can be found in arcades, in air races, fights.There is even a Dress with Zipper.Which are easily rolled off the screen and start a normal life in the virtual space as an online game Chip and Dale.These games can be found on many sites, sometimes there is a section with these games, which is nice.

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Chip and Dale game. Play free online games Chip and Dale.

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