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Recently, many office workers have to get involved in an unusual kind of economic strategy - a popular simulator farm.After placement in the social network VKontakte game has made millions ratings, immediately began to appear en masse copies and clones.Genre was to grow very quickly.There simulators almost everything - from the army to the city and the prison.In this case, the basis of a same mechanics - required at regular intervals to click on the event.These games are not designed constant play, they need to go once or twice a day and harvest, taxes, clothes, since in this way the next cycle of the game.Popularity among a target audience all clear.Students and students can always install on a home computer or a simple colorful MMORPG game offline format.But office workers can not change anything on their workstations, so they fit the game, do not change anything on the computer, and it does not trusted by the administrator.A ban social network at a given time can only retro-admin, because now they are even in business negotiations.And almost every social network has its own messenger that creates a network ban big crime against the employee performance.Popularity fermoobraznyh games held until now.While she was gone from launch pad for social networks.Now these games are in their own domains, and live their lives.They were not able to stop the dominance of any competition or pressure constantly proliferating online RPG.Now also started to gain popularity of single-player game farm.It is called Miracle Farm (play online it can be on different websites) and is suitable for a wider audience of players than the office version.However, the essence of the game is different here - it takes on a certain speed workflow, managing to deliver products to customers required.Over time, this farm is growing and there are entirely new kinds of products, buildings, and as a result is necessary to accelerate the work.With time also increases the amount and diversity of orders, so you have to click faster.Miracle Farm play online allows only one player, which makes it easy to speed clicker-style barber shop / cafe / boutique.However, the use of warm setting itself raises much interest in the player to the creation of this unusual game industry, and as a result it is more popular than its competitors in the genre.

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