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Checkers - is the most popular board game.Rules of the game is much easier than the complicated chess, but the game is quite Troon.It has a huge number of fans who are always ready to play against the computer or with each other.In this game there are many varieties.The game itself relate to popular games such as checkers, among which the well-known: Renju, backgammon and many more.In checkers, unlike chess in all the figures are equal.However, the drafts themselves come in many different types of games.In Russia, the very popular Russian checkers, where the game is on a board consisting of 64 squares, each side contains 12 original pieces.In Europe, more popular and well-known international checkers, there game is 100 cell board.And in the beginning of the game the player has 20 pieces.But basically the rules are similar to Russian checkers.In Canadian checkers board is used with 144 cells.Each player has 24 checkers.There are Brazilian, Altai, Armenian, Turkish, English, Spanish, Italian Checkers.They differ from each other moves and rules board size.Russia is also known pole-pieces and the giveaway.There are always new versions of this ancient game.There are, of course, and computer games online checkers.There is a huge variety of computer checkers program.Many of them allow you to play various types of grenades.Some sharpened only by a single species.Checkers and chess are well represented on the Internet.Many popular sites allow you to play checkers online.Although it is not mandatory.Optionally, you can install the game to their personal computer.In this case, you can set different settings for the game.You can also select any control of time and choose a varied skill levels.You can play with the preset position.These checkers game, the game allows a completely different versions of checkers.You can select the international, Russian checkers or any other.It all depends on the player.On the Internet a variety of games of checkers were very popular not only in special checkers sites, however, and the simple game.Where there are different types of games.In most cases, you can play checkers free.When you register a player opens up a large number of features, but there are versions of the game and without registration.Checkers online game will allow you to play even on a mobile device, it only needs access to the Internet.So you at any time will be able to enjoy your favorite games.

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