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Shrek - the character of a series of different movies, books, and of course video games.The very first book about him was written over 20 years ago, the first cartoon filmed over 10 years ago.Despite this age, the man has not lost its popularity and now.Green ogre Shrek lives alone in his house in the swamp.Life has enough downtime, just sometimes he is attacked by peasants who think it cannibal.Shrek them bounces and continues to lead a normal life.But fate is such that he must go to Lord Farkuadu.On the road to it is nailed unusual, talking donkey.And in the end it is that Shrek must go save the princess.Of course, Shrek rescues and marry the princess.But events do not end there.In the future, they have to go through many different adventures.Cartoon was a great success and won many awards.As a result, there were continuing and follow.Had created a huge series of cartoons about Shrek.Naturally, this hero could not belong exclusively to the world of cinema.Soon arose and games dedicated to Shrek.Now they created quite a large number.The very first is an arcade game where the player is required to pass several levels and achieve the goal.He fought against the enemies and collect the magic potion.Studied the world around him.In this case, you can play both Shrek and Puss in Boots for, Donkey and other characters.There are other variants of games on Shrek.Some of which are quite complex games that have multiple locations, episodes, levels.The other part - this is a relatively simple toys.Specifically designed to provide the ability to play online Shrek.These games are presented on various gaming sites and online services.They can play for free and without registration, right online.Shrek games online no download to your computer, the game takes place directly in the browser window.Players who started playing the game Shrek 1, then they also continue to play.Many of them are real fans of the game Shrek Forever After.As they pass the game Shrek 2, and 3, and of course they are getting interesting pass game Shrek 4.Since we have already removed a lot of animated films that are not very enlightened Shrek, and various other characters of these cartoons, the developers of computer games began producing toys dedicated to these heroes.There are games in which the main character, Puss in Boots and Donkey from the movie.Of course there are other characters.If desired, you can always find a game about this interesting character, as almost every gaming site has them in his collection.

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