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The economic strategy of the game - a unique genre of games that illustrates the economic and market processes.Usually, the player is required to guide the firm, the city or the entire country, with the main goal of the player is to maximize profits.The more profit you get, the better, and of course, you need to earn some income to get to the next level.Economic strategy game for the time being are quite fashionable entertainment for intelligent people.Of course, everybody knows about the board game Monopoly, it has long been a well-known and common business simulator.Virtually all economic policies, created now, and are multi-user browser-based, that is, your competitors, and competitors are not bots, but real live people who, like you, are trying to manage a virtual company.Due to this, these games are unpredictable and exciting.You can play them at home and at work, since the beginning of the game there is no need to download anything and then install.All you need - is any mobile device, the Internet and a browser.As a rule, the economic game, you do not need a lot of time.You only need to enter the game every day for only a few minutes and check to see how your company works, if necessary, to correct something.Of course, to play in the economy is much more complicated than in the shooting or racing, as for financial management of the empire, the brain requires effort, and only the reflexes and responses that are needed in other games, there will be insufficient.In this regard, economic games popular category of people for whom "thinking" - a usual occupation.A large number of people who consider themselves to be very far from computer games, can immerse themselves in the simulation, as they are very interesting.Many users are interested in the question: What should be done routinely in these games?Most online game you one presents several types of business and industries.It could be manufacturing, mining, trade, agriculture, media, exchange rates, stock research, international trade, and more.This was required to follow, and try to make sure that your industry brought the most money.As the game progresses, the economic strategy developed by the user, by selecting the best way to invest money earned and in what industry.Some of the economic strategy of the game is concerned only with a particular field of activity, so if you plan to connect in the future, for example, to the construction business, then work out in these simulations.

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