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Emo - quite popular and even getting somewhere traditional subculture.Unimaginable but true - boys and girls with long chelochkami and strong love for pink and black have long been common, such as the Iroquois before punk or metal in the "black leather jackets."This is because an unusual subculture emo slowly evolved from the informal to the mainstream.At the beginning of emo subculture, like most of the others, was created around the love of a certain style of music and philosophy.While emo music is logical 'name emo-core, and the outlook was dominated by the concentration of depressive moments and emotions that, exactly, and this gave rise to the concentration.This formed the emo style, which is essentially a reflection of growing up in a fairly complicated cruel world.That there is only one teddy bear, which, in order to make it more "emotichnym" to rip his stomach and then sew up the coarse thread.Sufficiently expressive allegory.As an unusual combination of black and dark caramel pink, and a special look out emo bangs fell over his eyes.That is their view of the world.This subculture cause aggression directly, because to openly show their depression and weakness.I do not struggle with this world, I'm not a rock of his teeth, I just look at him darkly, and often want to get away from it (suicide is the emo culture is important enough space).To live with this position is difficult and becoming mass, this subculture lost filling.If in the old days, just trying to find a company and like-minded teenagers wearing jeans and T-shirts with the group's "Alice" and "Civil Defense", now they wear sneakers and grow their bangs.Emo appear at a certain age, a kind of fashion.Even when you backslapper or cheerful girl-Laughs.Clothes in a style becomes a guarantee that you will always in a business, you can find new friends and to feel part of something important and common - a whole subculture.Exactly degenerated metal and punk - came all those for whom Tusovka external attributes precedence over the music and philosophy of life.It is through this fashion game developers to produce a large number of games for girls emo theme.So how important is the appearance, in most cases it is only dress.They are quite interesting, mainly because it shows the essence of an emo style, that is, how to dress.So if you think of the emo culture, games for girls emo help you find the right your wardrobe and develop their own individual style of emo.

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Emo Games. Play free online games emo.

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