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It is no secret that the toys for boys and girls are always different. Girls often played with dolls, boys with toy soldiers. Save these differences and in computer games.With the spread of broadband and specialized sites appeared with games for boys online. However, Internet portals have a very large collection of games, of which everyone can find the game itself at will. In this case, they have a special page, which contains online games for boys, there is a special page with online games for girls, and many other specialized pages.Many sites allow you to not only play while in the Internet, but also to download games to your computer and use them even when the internet connection is lost. But as in recent years, the network has become available to almost everyone, it is widely used games online. Boys are usually proposed strategy, shooters, racing games and many other games.Very often they are based on the technology of the flush and so in order to run the games for boys online do not need to install anything on your computer. Lack a standard set of programs that everyone has. It suffices to find a suitable site, go to the page where there are links to online games for boys, go on liking link and you can start playing.The game will run in a browser window. Many games for boys include the ability to play not only with a computer, but playing against a real partner. That's what makes playing online so attractive. Many players prefer to fight with a man, not a computer program.Games for boys can vary greatly in terms of complexity, schedule and requirements to the computer. This is quite natural, since eight-year and fifteen children have different interests and preferences. So many developers focus their games on a fairly narrow age audience, not hoping to please everyone at once. Parents need to take account of this age parameter in the selection of games for their children.Accordingly, some sites childrens games are divided in different age periods, make it easier to choose the best toy for a child. Naturally, such a separation can not be a dogma, you should always take into account individual characteristics and preferences, which can vary greatly in different children. Still, it is desirable that they played was in those computer games that are appropriate for their age and have been developed especially for them.

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