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In recent years increasingly popular online games. They can play not only with a computer, but with a live partner. Moreover, a partner at this point can be located up to you on the other side of the planet.It could be playing a variety of genres. Distributed games Flying, racing games, shooting games, strategy games and many more. Among the simple online games are widely distributed arcade in which you need to manage the simplest aerial vehicles and overcome all the obstacles on it, destroying all comers on the way enemies.The simplest of these games are designed for children. Very often they have cartoon graphics, easy to use and does not require a powerful computer. But it can be quite advanced games. They present realistic aircraft, and the gameplay can involve not only the racing and arcade scenes, but also the training aircraft mendzhment and strategic planning. These games are more complicated and are designed for more experienced players.But regardless of the complexity of the game is now becoming more and more popular to play games online Fly. In this case, the enemy players to become not a computer program, and the other player. And we have to act with an eye to the plans and actions of the enemy, who would be discouraged your victory.However, playing games online can Fly and against the computer, but this species is much less common than playing against live players. Despite the fact that almost all computer games provide the regime, many experienced players they did not enjoy. Preferring to deal with real partners. In addition, a significant number of team games in which the user can create a team or squadron, and fight against the enemies with your friends.One of the most popular games are Flying in airplanes. But besides them are well represented in the game where you can control the helicopter, space ship or otherwise fantastic machine. In children's arcades common fantasy cartoon vehicles, some of which can be seen in the popular children's animated films and serials. In the older games, the vehicles may look a lot more solid, and seem much more realistic. But in this case, they are marked a fantastic cast.Letalok except actually, there are a number of games in which the flight on the flying vehicle is just one of the episodes of the game story. They can also be quite popular.

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