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Computer games have become one of the most popular attractions for children and adults. The earliest computer games were created by programmers even on large computers, standing in a special computer centers. Naturally, they were available only adult staff and intended for adults.But later, due to the wide spread of personal computers and mobile devices began to appear more and more games designed specifically for children. The development and spread of broadband access to the Internet has allowed a large number of gaming portals, offering children's games online.This is a site where there are games for kids online can play them without registration and without downloading to your hard drive of any programs. One need only go to the appropriate page and the game is ready. However, you can select an option to install the game in your system to be independent of the network.This game is quite different from games designed for adults. There were very little violence, and in most of the rims, violence in these games, not at all. Very often they use the cartoon graphics and cartoon heroes. They are simpler and do not require a long development and training.That is why, on sites where there are online games for children to emphasize the special section. There are games of different genres. It can be a game-puzzles, coloring games, dress up games, racing games, strategy games, shooting games and many more. But regardless of the genre is children's games online. They are designed and developed for children based on their perception.As children grow, the portals, with games for kids online games often make lists of good names for a certain age. Because, of course, that the child is interested seven other games than twelve. Therefore, games for children can share by age and sex.In connection with a wider spread of the Internet and computers there is increasing number of games for children. Top game companies regularly produce new releases that do not go unnoticed in the gaming market. But there is a lot of games released in relatively small development teams and focused on a very narrow audience. And among these, too many games have gained popularity among young audiences and became almost cult.In the near future we will witness the emergence of a completely new children's games on the Internet. In these children will be able to meet any of their new heroes, but they will not forget the old ones.

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