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Logical computer games are popular. Despite the widespread development of other gaming genres, the emergence of a set of realistic games with good graphics and gameplay, there will always be fans of puzzle and find the answer to the game problem.On sites where there is an opportunity to play games online for free, logic toys occupy a place of honor. As a rule they do not require a very broad Internet channel and are available in almost all users. However, most of them belong to the class of kazulnyh games. The name for the game that can be played from time to time, and not have to spend a long time to learn the rules and features. These include the famous game series "Three in a row", which spawned whole cycles games. One of the most popular games of the series were "Life Story." But the greatest success came in the game "Balls" and "Laynez." These games are well known to every computer user. There are few people who have never played in at least one of these famous games.You can play these and other games online logical or install them into his system. Typically, this question does not matter. Each method has its advantages. Playing online is good because it is not necessary to make any What action with its operating system and software. Only need to visit the site and play directly in the browser. Many sites offer the ability to play action games for free. But if you install the game to your operating system, it will be available all the time, regardless of the Internet connection, which may sometimes be interrupted. However, many games require quite a bit of resources, so they very often placed on mobile devices, to make them available on pocket computers, netbooks, tablets and smartphones.Of course, the variety of logic games is not limited to the mentioned options. There are for example logic games for girls. Typically, this puzzles, coloring pages, and other quests. There are puzzle games for members of the opposite sex.It could be just a toy, with only one screen on which it is necessary to assemble or disassemble the puzzle, but can be quite challenging game with many levels, episodes, and locations. They can also be found on the websites that offer free online puzzle games. Selection on these portals is huge. Many games are released more than a decade ago does not become obsolete, despite the rapid development of the gaming industry. In this case, there are more and more games that attract new users.

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