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Game dedicated to racing was among the first computer entertainment. Back in those days, When personal computers first started to gain its users arcade machines with these games have already been widely distributed. Time passed and now these games have become popular on home computers and the Internet.This genre of games is very diverse. Often it is not just a race, the game can be created at the junction of genres and include elements of shooters, quests, and even strategies.However, many famous games of different genres has in the plot some racing scenes, the passage of which is mandatory for all players.But even just racing games created without a mixture of other genres have a very large number of options. It can be very modern and heaped realistic toys. The prototype for these games usually are real cars and real race track.And there may be an arcade, in which there is no reality as a phenomenon. But it is this diversity and attracted to such a huge number of games players all ages. From adults up to the smallest.With the development of broadband access to the Internet became popular games race online. In most cases, it is possible to play race not only against the computer, but against a real player, often at the other end of the globe. But not forgotten, and the simplest toys are available directly in the browser. To play them need to install anything on your computer. The entire game takes place on the server screen served only a picture. As an online game, racing good that can compete with a variety of players of different skill levels. Most online resources provide racing game for free. Quite often there is no need even register on the site.Most sites offer visitors a very large selection of games. They can be very differ by genre, schedule and requirements to the computer and the player. Like other online Racing games are very different in their characteristics. Therefore, for Each user has a sense of play to explore and find the ones that they more like.The choice is usually so large that each player can always find something for themselves. This can be quite serious and challenging game for the passage of which is required a lot of effort, or it may be a simple arcade game, available at first sight everyone, but its passage can be just as interesting. The modern game industry regularly releases new games in this genre, and they are always find its admirers.

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