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There are plenty of computer games on sports. This may be a relatively small toys, and can be layered with multiple game locations and scenes. Most sports games created with combined genres and include simulation, strategy, race and other elements of the genre of games.At the same time a very popular sports mini-games. They usually represent a simple simulation of the relevant sports games. In particular, the simulator can have tennis racket on the screen and a ball, golf simulator - a stick and a ball. Popular simulators hockey, football, basketball and many other sports.At the same time, the more serious games may include other elements. Moreover, quite often in the game sports occupy not the longest. Occupies a significant part of the preparations for them. In this case, the game is often a economic strategy, in which the player is a manager or director of sports club and should lead him to victory in the competition.If this is a football game, the player has been recruiting players. He then holds them training and creates played soccer team, monitor their physical condition, etc.etc. and so§ He spends a lot of tournament games with other clubs and depending on the winning or losing at the appropriate position in the standings.Similarly, had to act in basketball and hockey, and in other similar games. There is also the pool simulator, and a variety of board games based on a similar gameplay. In the game have to be a strategist and manager, and a team captain and a simple player.Of course, not all sports are so serious. You can find a lot of humorous games that football plays Batman vs. Superman, or other similar characters. These games also have their own person.Naturally, in connection with the development of broadband Internet are increasingly popular sports games online. This corresponds to the idea of ​​sport in which athletes race against each other and not with technology. All sorts of sports games can be found on many sites of computer entertainment.They can not just simply play sports, but also to make these tournaments and competitions. Create sports leagues and mass sports teams from real players. At these sites regularly is user rating, which places are allocated according to the victories and defeats of every athlete, every sports team.

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